What to do when you hit a wall

So the past few days, I have been feeling SO MUCH RESISTANCE to working on the stuff that I want to be getting done.  

The courses I’m creating. The meditations I am recording. The blog posts. The website. ALL OF IT.

And the worst part is (and I’m sure that many of you can relate to this)... is that the longer I procrastinate and DON’T make progress on the things that I want or need to get done, the WORSE I FEEL!

I’m talking self-worth ---down the toilet.     

Why am I sharing this with you today?

I mean I’m putting myself out there into the world - and therefore I’m supposed to have it figured out and be super driven and motivated and self-disciplined and stuff, right?

Well, surprise surprise… I’m a human.  And so are you.

The truth is, resistance is a completely NORMAL part of the creative process.  

It is not wrong or bad.  It does not mean that I’m less worthy of having massive success or making a big impact in the world.  

Hitting resistance means that I’ve probably hit on something BIG that has the potential to really make an impact… and my inner critics KNOW it.  Those pesky little sabotaging voices inside, are going “WHOA, slow down.. This is not safe or normal or predictable. You should really stop. And you should probably be afraid of moving forward.  You could die here. Or even worse, nobody will like you anymore”.

Sound familiar?

So.  HERE’s what popped me back into forward momentum today:

#1  I found an awesome friend to work with who is going through the same thing.  We’re not in the same city, but we sit down together at our computers at the same time and stay on video with each other while we work.  

This is SO helpful because:

a) the creative process can be lonely sometimes, and

b) she will literally SEE if I get up from my chair too many times, or if y’know, I start knitting or something.  

#2  Connecting with my WHY.   This can be SO FREAKING POWERFUL  in the right moments.

This means taking a few moments to dream.  

Think about what life will be like when you get to where you’re going.  

Think about the impact you’re going to have in the world.

Feel IN YOUR BODY what it will be like to receive messages from people everyday about how much you’re impacting their lives and how your work is helping them.  

Feel the excitement.  The pleasure. The satisfaction.

And then, when those feelings have been firmly cemented in your whole being again…

Get back at it!  And make this thing real.  

I can quickly guide you through this exercise here.

And an important thing to note here, is that this applies to SO MANY THINGS.


Really any time that we’re doing something that feels hard, but we’re doing it because it’s IMPORTANT to us.  

Maybe you’re trying to eat better, lose weight or stick to an exercise program.  Maybe you’re pregnant and you feel AWFUL and you can’t stand it. Maybe you’re trying hard to save money but there’s temptation EVERYwhere.  

Whatever it is, things will always turn around if you lean into the people around you and keep connecting with your WHY.  

You got this and it’s gonna feel SO GOOD when you achieve your goals.  

Write me back and let me know - where are YOU hitting a wall these days? And what's your WHY?? I'd love to hear from you!

Lots of love,