This works WAY better than goal-setting...

Happy New Year my lovely, wonderful friend!!

I'm coming down from a few weeks of family, food, and... fantasy? And I've been thinking a lot about what I want for myself in 2019 - as I'm sure you have too.

My inbox has been bombarding me with "goal-setting this" and NY resolutions blah blah.

And don't get me wrong... I love doing that stuff. But I hate the feeling of falling off the wagon after two weeks of half-hearted action, and then feeling just a little failure-y.

So here's what I'm doing for myself, and offering up for you to try too... What if instead of goals and rules, it was about listening to your heart, listening to your body, listening to your soul… everyday?  

What if 2019 was the first year that you did life DIFFERENTLY. Listening in. With less pushing and "should-ing" on yourself.

What if the key to lasting and aligned and fulfilling change (AUTHENTIC change)... is to DO THINGS FROM THE INSIDE OUT ...Because if not, you’re going to just be creating resistance!

And don’t get me wrong. I have all kinds of tangible goal-related things I want to get done.  Get ripped! Make lots of money! Be interviewed by Oprah! (hehe)

But rather than writing all that shit down, which will inevitably lead to resistance if i don’t complete it… I’m writing down how I want to FEEL.   

A FEELING is something I can keep creating that over and over and over again. How I want to feel will go with the flow and meld with where my life is taking me. How I want to feel is an inside-out game. (For anyone who hasn’t read Danielle LaPorte’s “The Desire Map” - this powerhouse woman is totally reframing what achievement looks and feels like… and I LOVE it).

And the truth is that if we commit to doing the same actions everyday, they can lose their luster very quickly… hence why most people don’t follow through on their NY resolutions for more than a few days!  

But if we wake up everyday and say “what does freedom / self-love / purpose / clarity (whatever your word is) feel like for me today? How do I create that feeling today?” can’t lose.

It’s so much more compelling and authentic to find ways to feel the way you want to feel... however you get there.

Make sense?

So here goes for me.  This year:

I want to feel COURAGEOUS.

I want to feel momentum that I am creating and maintaining.

I want to feel uncensored and give myself full permission.  

I want to feel fully expressed.  

I want to feel strong.  

I want to feel sexy.

I want to feel connected to my body.

I want to feel the sense of control that comes with honoring my deep desires and staying in integrity with myself.  

I want to feel the love all around me and let it ooze out of me and into the world.

How do you want to feel this year?  

What feelings would make you feel like you’re consistently ‘winning’ the year?  

Comment below or reply to this email and let me know!  I would love to hear from you :-)

Lots of love,


P.S. Stay tuned for something EXCITING I've got brewing about Mindful Eating. If 2019 has any intentions for you to do with eating, dieting, losing weight, feeling better in your body, less self-loathing and guilt... etc.... then this puppy's for you. More to come in the next couple of weeks :-)