Binge-watching, numbing out, and finding real pleasure

A few days ago, I was introduced to the British reality tv series ‘Love Island’.

It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect - superficial, petty, lacking in substance and depth…. and so so addictive.  

After confidently stating that I was just going to watch an episode here and there in the evenings for fun, I quickly got sucked in and proceeded to spend the next 48 hours doing NOTHING but binging through episodes ravenously.  

To make a long story short, it ended with me skimming through the rest of the season just to find out what happens, and then locking myself out of the website for good measure.   BAH.

What happened next was fascinating...

I had been so immersed in this alternate universe of the show and taken in by it.  Almost like being in a virtual reality. The characters, the storylines, the dramatic music.  My conscious, and even subconscious, mind could think of NOTHING else even after I stopped watching.  I couldn’t fall asleep or even meditate!

I could not quiet my mind for the life of me.  

And the whole next day, I felt so disconnected from myself and kind of… disembodied.  I felt depressed. I felt insecure. Almost like I had learned to care about and value these people more than I cared about myself!  

How screwed up is that?!

And yet...  we do this ALL THE TIME (especially now that tv series have become so compelling and readily available for binge-fests).   

And I hear some of you right now saying ‘yeah, but sometimes it’s nice to just escape and enjoy that other world’.  Okay, fair enough. Sometimes it’s needed and even helpful.

But the part that I believe is harmful is when the addiction to what we’re consuming disconnects us from ourselves, and even worse - disconnects us from our bodies!  

It leaves us as floating heads, wandering around in these alternate (and super compelling) worlds.  

And then when we re-enter our actual world, it hits us like a smack in the face!  

The real world is boring!  It’s not sexy. It’s not dramatic.  There’s no suspense and perfect plot twists.  And people are SO much uglier.

The real world is uncomfortable.  It’s not perfect. Our realities are so complex and truthfully… we have very little control over it.  

But when we STAY in it and resist the urge to numb out - we can find unbelievable bliss and deep satisfaction here too.  

The beauty of a house plant.  The taste and texture of our favorite food.  The comfort of a long hug. The first few minutes of a hot bath.  The way we feel after joyfully moving our bodies. The aliveness that comes with doing what scares us.  

Life is so rich when we surrender to the present moment.  

When we take a deep breath and completely accept ourselves for all that we are.  

When we embrace the things that make us MORE HUMAN and say no to the things that make us feel less human.  

What’s your favourite way to numb out?  How does it leave you feeling after?

How do you actually WANT to feel?

Comment below or send me a message - I’d love to hear from you :-)