Deep-dive Coaching

with Liz

"Liz brings a great big package of goodness to those she works with.  She is so approachable and down to earth.  She makes it easy to let your guard down so you can roll up your sleeves and get down to business.  I was astounded how quickly some long-standing blocks and challenges were resolved.  This type of work is a game changer!

- Jana, Atlanta, GA

The way I work is a little different than most other Coaches.  Starting from my days as a labour and delivery Nurse, I've learnt ways of getting people to connect with their body and get deeply present to their own power.  


I use a combination of powerful questions, deep listening, guided meditation, mindfulness, and embodiment techniques - to help my clients quickly get to the heart of what's happening in their mind-body connection.  


I will also spend a fair bit of time teaching you about spiritual concepts - like surrender, grounding, and energy awareness in the body - that are integral to your health.

"I've struggled with chronic pain my whole adult life, but I didn't realize how much of an emotional component there was to it until I started working with Liz.  After a few sessions, I started noticing that I needed less pain medication everyday.  I learned to be more mindful of my emotions and what was happening in my body.  I'm not saying everything is perfect now, but it feels like I'm aware of stuff that I didn't even realize was affecting me, and now I can do something about it."

 - D.N., Toronto, ON

In our coaching sessions, we'll also spend time getting you more aligned and connected to your inner being (aka the higher self, consciousness, soul, etc.) for the sake of your health.  Because that part of ourselves knows what we want on a soul level and knows the easiest path for us to get there.


Our inner being knows where we’ve come from and where we’re going.  


And most importantly, our inner being knows what we’re capable of - with no victim energy, self-pity or excuses.


Our inner being knows only unconditional love and inner truth and possibility.  


Common Issues that I help my Clients with...

  • Living empowered with chronic disease and/or disability (different ability!)

  • Stress and anxiety reduction

  • Body image blocks

  • Weight management*

  • Healing your relationship with food/eating

  • Peri-pregnancy support (pre, during, and post) and Doula work***

  • Support during life transitions


  • Posture, power and presence!

  • Healing and illness - energy blocks, tuning in

  • Strengthening resilience

  • Grief support

  • Empowering sexuality

  • Optimizing your health for higher performance

  • Self-acceptance

*  A note about weight management -- This type of coaching can be very powerful for this topic, but please be prepared that this coaching will NOT be about how to lose weight.  Nor will Liz ever tell you that you NEED to lose weight.  This coaching will be about doing the inner work to explore your relationship with your body and the habits and patterns that you live in.  You will develop the practice of getting connected with yourself on a soul level, and finding your body's natural and powerful state of well-being.  

***In addition to peri-pregnancy support and coaching, Liz is a Certified Doula with 10 years of experience in labour and postpartum support.  Please ask specifically about this if it interests you!  

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