There is a deep, spiritual experience waiting for you when you start to listen and give power, to the body that you’re in.


Hey there, I’m Liz!  


And I’m on a mission to help people develop a powerful spiritual practice that will change the way you relate to your health and body - for good.  

I’m a Registered Nurse with 10+ years of hands-on experience and a Masters in Primary and Global Health.  I'm also a Certified Professional Coach with training in Leadership development and Meditation facilitation.  


I’ve spent my career as an RN, caring for people while they navigate pivotal moments in their health and in their bodies.  I’ve been present at over a thousand births, held space for unimaginable grief, and cared for people in some of the most vulnerable states a human can be in.  


I’ve also struggled with my own body image and health issues in my earlier adult years - from serious digestive tract damage from prolonged antibiotic use - to chronic back pain from mal-alignment in my body.  Not to mention that growing up as a 6 foot tall, awkward, and slightly overweight young woman - came with its own delightful tote bag of self-acceptance and worthiness issues.


I know the pain and frustration of trying to love who I was in my body.  


And I was navigating a healthcare system that was simply not set up to do anything other than treat my physical symptoms, let alone supporting the ‘whole person’ - mind, body and spirit.  

I learned a fair bit about what nutrition made my body feel best, and I knew that I felt WAY more alive when I was exercising regularly.  But the problem was that I was never good about doing anything consistently.  For years, I would yo-yo up and down between controlling my body with strict rules, and just letting it all go.  I would only be able to turn it around when I hit a ‘bottom’ and felt so awful in my body that I couldn’t do anything but respond.  


Sound familiar?  


I’ll bet that if you’re reading right now, you’ve experienced some version of this.


The real tipping point in my relationship with my body and my health, came when I learned how to meditate.  

When I started meditating, developing awareness and listening INwardly… that’s when I started noticing changes to my health and body that STUCK.  

Meditation has an incredible way of getting you in touch with what's happening under the surface. The unconscious beliefs and stories, the pain you’re still holding onto, and most importantly - the deep longing that is coming from your soul.  When I started to get in touch with all of that, I was finally able to start breaking down the self-defeating patterns that had been limiting my health and well-being for most of my life. And my body started to change.


I’m thrilled to now say that the majority of the time, I live without pain, without nausea or bloating or indigestion, and with WAY more energy, strength, confidence, aliveness and inner joy than I ever thought possible.  


I honestly love this body that I get to live in.  Sure, it’s got it’s quirks… but instead of disconnecting from my body and trying to ‘force’ it to be a certain way…  now I revel in the discovery of what my body has to teach me each day.

My mission now, is to show people how to relate to their health and body in a NEW way.  


To feel empowered, rather than victimized.  


To feel love for this body that you're walking around in, rather than disconnected from it.  


To feel pride for your uniqueness, rather than shame.  


I want you to feel the deep sense of peace and wholeness of loving yourself NOW - exactly the way you are - and at the same time, powerful and supported enough to create whatever changes you desire.   





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My Philosophy

At some point it clicked for me that everything I teach and practice through Coaching, Meditation, Personal Leadership, and Spirituality - is the MISSING PIECE to how we can create lasting changes to our health and our bodies.  

We often KNOW the things we need to do - eat certain foods, lose weight, exercise more, reduce stress, take our medication or supplements, etc….  But for some reason we can never follow through and keep it up in a sustainable manner.


What I’m here to tell you, is that when you’re trying to create something different in your body… you’ve got to get your INNER WORLD on board.  Otherwise you’ll just keep repeating the same patterns and creating the same outcomes over and over again.









Our inner worlds have a HUGE impact on our physical health.  And when we try to address our physical health without also looking to what is happening within us on a spiritual, mental, and emotional level…  then we’re fighting an uphill battle. That is the bottom line.

Our INNER WORLDs include things like:

 - Conscious and subconscious beliefs and patterns (including limiting and destructive ones!)


 - Our emotions and the way we process them


 - Culturally imposed standards that we have internalized about how our bodies are supposed to look and act


Modern medicine is an incredible thing that we are SO privileged to enjoy in this time in history.  

But unfortunately, the way our system is set up, many people are left feeling disempowered and even more disconnected from their bodies than when they started.  

What I've seen in my career, is that the people who are successful at making lasting positive changes to their health and bodies, have learned how to effectively connect with themselves on a body, mind and spirit level, and actually FEEL what's going on inside.  They understand that their ability to succeed lies in their attention to the subtle indicators within them, guiding their way.  

You are so much more than your physical body, and yet, your body is a part of the wholeness of who you are.  You can neither idolize it, nor abandon it.  And in our culture, we seem to only know how to do one or the other of those two things.


There is an epidemic of disconnection and mistrust in our bodies, particularly amongst women.  We have been trained from an early age, to look outside of our bodies - for information, for validation, and for a sense of power - over those same bodies.  


REAL HEALTH is about:


Listening deeply to your WHOLE self - mind, body and spirit

Being in alignment / in integrity with what your body is telling you

Understanding that your physical body is not a lone entity that you can 'control' - Your mind, body, and spirit are inextricably linked

Creating the circumstances that allow your natural state of well-being and the body's natural healing ability to take over

Being the LEADER of your health and body

Honouring the truth of who you are at the deepest level and trying to live in alignment with that everyday

Embracing the uniqueness of what YOUR BODY has to offer

A feeling of energy, strength, vibrancy, succulence, and aliveness

Stepping into the POWER and CONVICTION of your highest self


Real health is NOT about:

Conforming to an outside standard of beauty, body size, shape, or ability

Rigidity or self-punishment

Putting bandaid solutions over physical symptoms, without consideration for the mental, emotional, energetic, or spiritual aspects

Giving all your power and authority over to a source outside of yourself

Trying to 'control' your physical body from the head (not unlike a top-down patriarchal system)

So here's the deal.  ALL of this has an impact on our ability to find what REAL HEALTH looks like for each of us.  Our bodies are varied and unique.  They are also dynamic and changing.

Through meditation and mindfulness, embodiment techniques, and inner world work, I teach people how to completely re-design the way they relate to their health and bodies.  

Because when someone suddenly starts to feel more powerful in their body, an amazing thing happens….  EVERY other part of their life starts to get better too.


It’s like MAGIC!  And it makes total sense when you think about it. 

Our bodies are our physical connection to this world - the conduit for connecting our highest selves (our souls, inner being, etc) - to everything and everyone around us.  So when we start to inhabit our bodies with more integrity and curiosity and LOVE - our outer world cannot but reflect this back to us.

When we feel empowered in our body, we feel deeply empowered in our life.

We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience.  

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.    

-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 


A big part of my work is helping people get more aligned and connected to their inner being (aka the higher self, consciousness, soul, etc.) for the sake of their health.  Because that part of ourselves knows what we want on a soul level and knows the easiest path for us to get there. Our inner being knows where we’ve come from and where we’re going.  And most importantly, our inner being knows what we’re capable of - with no victim energy, self-pity or excuses. Our inner being knows only unconditional love and inner truth and possibility.  


And don’t get me wrong, doing this work requires surrender, deep inner listening, and patience.  


But man oh man… ANYTHING is possible when you tap into this place.



So, with all that being said... 


Are you Ready to find what YOUR best health looks like?


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